About us


Born and raised in Alentejo, I decided to turn my life around at 18 years old. I moved to Lisbon, where I took a degree in Specialised Translation. I ended up staying here.

I got married; I have three sons and two grandchildren. After a number of years and a diversified professional life, I discovered a new passion for jewellery.

Started as a hobby, but quickly turned into a business. 


MARIA BEIRÃO is a Portuguese jewellery brand.

The collections are made by herself and inspired by her own personal experiences.

The brand strives to create a diversified jewellery collection, conjugating a variety of techniques and materials, while keeping a minimalistic and timeless style in mind.

We believe small details grant a unique sparkle to each piece of jewellery.

It’s in her studio, just outside the Parliament Building, where you can find Maria creating brand new pieces of jewellery everyday.