About us


Born and raised in Alentejo, I decided to turn my life around at 18 years old. I moved to Lisbon, where I took a degree in Specialised Translation. I ended up staying here.

I got married; I have three sons and two grandchildren. After a number of years and a diversified professional life, I discovered a new passion for jewellery.

Started as a hobby, but quickly turned into a business. 


Maria Beirão is a Portuguese jewellery brand.

The collections are created by Maria Beirão herself, and inspired by her own personal experiences.

The brand strives to create a diverse line of jewellery, using a wide range of techniques and materials, while keeping a minimalistic and timeless feel to it.

We believe small details are key to give each piece of jewellery that special sparkle and uniqueness.

It's in her atelier, just outside the Parliament Building, where you can find Maria creating brand new styles every day.